Eliza's Pedigree

Dt. Ch. (VDH), Dt. J.-Ch. (VDH + CfbrH) Eliza vom Erkelenzer Land

Gyszmo from Lady Lucia HD-A, frei von erbl. Augenkrankheiten, MDR1: +/+,

D.Jgdch (SSCD), D.Ch (SSCD), D. Ch (VDH) Red Dawn the Scottish Real Passion zobel-weiss Degallo the Real Deal Rannerdale the Time Warp
Degallo Look At Me
Ardlyn Passing Cloud over Degallo Champion Mistmere Wind Storm
Degallo Shakala
D.Jgdch (CfbrH) Xarah from Lady Lucia zobel-weiss Champion Quashee High Class O'Pinion Champion Quashee Cheeky Joker
Quashee by Versailles
Zent from Heaven from Dangerous Dream Champion Amor Micky from Lady Lucia
Interpane Charisma from Lady Lucia
Undercover Girl vom Erkelenzer Land zobel-weiss, HD: B1, MDR1: +/+

NL-Jgd.Ch, NL Ch Little Ytsud of Queensland zobel-weiss Champion van Glenalan Sweet Lover Brilyn Peacemaker
Brilyn Could She Be Magic
Champion Little Glamour-Girl of Queensland Mohnesee the Spellmaster
Champion Little-Panacia of Queensland
D.Ch (CfbrH) Royal Rose vom Erkelenzer Land zobel-weiss Champion Hjalte's Skerlad Majestic Sound Dustin vom Erkelenzer Land
Bell Flower Dancing Queen
Dreamgirl Debby vom Erkelenzer Land Champion Mehalah Merry Man
Wiebke von der Nieste

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